Howdy Pard,

Thank you for checking out our guidelines. The rules are quite simple, and we find that most contributors have no problems with our basic guidelines.

1. Nothing lewd or suggestive. (That just ain't the cowboy way.)
2. It must be cowboy. We prefer traditional style, cowboy poetry about cowboy life. It does not take much effort to tell if the poetry comes from actual cowboy life. Which is what we prefer.
3. IT MUST HAVE ENTERTAINMENT VALUE! Here in lies the clue, if it does not entertain, why do it?
4. Please try to avoid LIKE SUBJECTS such as;

*** Gunfighter poems and stories are not in demand unless quite humorous. ***
"This Old Hat," "This Old Saddle," "If This Old Pair of Boots Could Talk," to include, . . . talking ropes, spurs, saddles, hats, etc. "Old Blue or Old Blackie Dying," Making Sport of Dude stories, Horses & Dogs going to Heaven, or Political issues, unless quite funny. These Story ideas have been published many times.
5. Poems written in tribute to friends or relatives are not in great demand. Unless quite humorous.
6. We prefer to publish 80% in a humorous nature and only 20% in a nostalgic verse.

It is our aim to share our great cowboy heritage recorded in poetry. And tell of the true cowboy, his music, and values. Although in other poetry circles, there are some who enjoy may contemplating the mind searching values of a free verse poem. The ACPM is not publishing such efforts. Please, . . . No free verse poetry! It may be poetry, but it is just not traditional cowboy poetry.

Our concerns are more the value of cowboy life expressed in your humor and some of the nostalgia of the lifestyle. This is even more important to us than the professional writing skills of the poet. It will also be to your advantage to send them type written or on computer diskette from your word processor if you have one. The neatness is an advantage when we view you writings. If a poem is longer than a page and a half, it will greatly lessen it's chances of being published by the ACPM. All poetry should have, 1. An introduction, 2. Story body, 3. A moral, punch line, and/or a conclusion. All press releases, and articles are subject to edit. It is our belief that all poetry should not be edited without consent of the author. Excerpts are the exception.

We invite you to submit stories on the cowboy poetry gatherings that you attend. And also stories for the Working Cowboy feature section. (This applies to working cowgirls as well.) If you are interested in improving or sharing your writing skills, you may submit your stories in these areas and other articles of interest. We will give full credit for your authorship and photo credits. However, we are not paying for these articles or poetry at this time.

The ACPM will published quarterly and soon may be purchased on line. 

Thank you again for taking time out of your day to contact us. You are very important to us and we enjoy hearing from you. If you have further question, feel free to write or call us again.

See Ya Down the Ol' Trail,

Rudy Gonzales

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