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Your audiences will appreciate those who have lived the life they share with you in their humor, poetry and song. The honesty of their presentations cannot be imitated unless the performer has lived the life.



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The reference to the "COWBOY POETS SOCIETY" is an honest effort by folks who are in search of, or in need of service. Often we are asked about "The Cowboy Poetry Reading," or "The Cowboy Poetry Contest."  

When it comes to your needs and the reason you have been searching for The "COWBOY POETS SOCIETY." We are  here to serve you with two main goals.  To entertain. your event and inform your clients that you care enough to hire the real thing when it comes to cowboy entertainment.



This web site is dedicated to leading you to authentic cowgirls & cowboys who can and will entertain you and your event with cowboy humor, cowboy songs, cowboy poetry and stories.




For great Cowboy Entertainment

Rudy Gonzales is one of the nations most requested cowboy entertainers.  

"Idaho's Official Cowboy Entertainer, Cowboy Poet & Western Humorist"


 Rudy is the First Cowboy In History To Entertain at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C.! 




You can call Rudy at the ranch in Idaho at  (208) 890-6869

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  "Pickles"   The Clown - a.k.a. Joanne Palmer - Steamboat Springs, Colorado  


"Barbed Wire" Ben Aitken - Salmon River, Idaho Cowboy Poet & Story Teller





"The Mountain Ramblers"

Grand Junction, Bluegrass Band




The Gillette Brothers

Crockett, Texas Cowboy Singers





Stan Paragein - Oklahoma Cowboy Poet & Singer




John Pickul - Texas - Old Time Cowboy Songs





 Bud Deville's  "Rambling Cowboy's Horseshoe D Ranch" - Calhoun, LA Cowboy Poet  



Biscuits O'Brian Texas Cowboy poet & Story teller 






Barry Laporte - Canadian Cowboy Singer & Songwriter



Texas Sand 

 Texas Cowboy Music and Songs -Jackie Greene Guitar/Cowboy Poet - Valerie Moss Green Fiddle - Vince Moss "Doghouse Bass" - Wendell Sollis Banjo






Lloyd Shelby Crosby, Texas Cowboy Poet



Steve Linstrom

Cowboy Singer - Lafayette, CO




Dave P. Fisher

Cowboy Poet & Story Teller

Sparks, Nevada



David McBroom Texas Christian Cowboy Poet


Cade Schalla Texas Cowboy Poet


We do answer all inquiries and comments. 


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Our Goal is to fill all of your needs from the Great Cowboy Extravaganza Shows to Speakers and Entertainers for All Events. Now most any event can afford a Great Cowboy Entertainer locally.  We will have the best selection close to your town and state. And of course many will travel out of country.  We can fit your needs.


      Peggy Coleman - Oklahoma Cowgirl Poet

    Leonard Hitz -  Kansas Cowboy Poet

    Roger "Goose" Bradford - Texas Cowboy Poet

    Yvonne Hollenbeck - A ranchers wife & South Dakotan Cowgal Poet

    Louis A Carle - California Cowboy poet

    John Irby Foster - Hancock, MD - Cowboy Poet

    Bob Criswell - Parrish, Fl Cowboy Poet

    Tim Callaway & "Prairie Moon."- Wichita Falls, Texas Cowboy Singers

    E.C. "Chip" Cannon - Northern California Cowboy Poet

    Neal Torrey - Missouri Cowboy Poet

    Jim Gramon - Texas Cowboy Poet

    Billy "The Kidd" Parton - MT Holly, North Carolina Cowboy Poet & Humorist.

    Jerry & Skinner Bell - Father & Son - Moran, Wyoming "Working Cowboys" & Poets"

    Sam Davis, Abilene, Texas - Cowboys Poet 


Would you like to speak to someone concerning Cowboy Entertainment for your event, research, programs, banquets, conventions, television commercials, or other needs?  We will be happy to answer your questions and help you fill your needs.

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