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Howdy Pard,
Welcome to the American Cowboy Poet Magazine. There is not thing like us in the entire country. For as long as there have been cowboys, they have been known to entertain each other with the songs and poetry of their way of life.

Since the early times many cowboys have kept this tradition alive sharing cowboy poetry and cowboy songs. Over twelve years ago the first modern day gathering of cowboy poets was held in Nevada in the dead of winter. Report claim that the first year, approximately 300 attended. The following year over 4,000. Since then over 150 cowboy poetry gatherings of have sprung up across the United States and Canada.

These gatherings attract fans in numbers from several hundred to as high as 25,000 at the largest gathering in the world, The National Cowboy symposium in Lubbock, TX. There is an estimated 40 to 50,000 cowboy poets writing and reciting cowboy poetry today. Having long out lived a fad stage, cowboy poetry has proven to be the fastest growing form of cowboy entertainment.

Many Nashville and Hollywood entertainers are now vying for stage time at these event. We of course would like to see them remain as they started, with real cowboy entertainers as the main feature performances.

The American Cowboy Poet began as a newspaper in 1988. With encouragement from a dear personal friend, the late Dick Spencer who was the long time publisher of The Western Horseman Magazine, the transition from tabloid to magazine was made in 1991. However it is still not fancy, but it is real cowboy!

The magazine has exploded with popularity reaching a current subscription of just under 25,000 to date. It can also be found on the newsstands in many western states and spreading rapidly. The ACPM publishes only traditional cowboy rhyming verse. You won't find real cowboys trying to find the deeper meaning to a free verse abstract type of poetry. So we do not publish free verse at all!

Since the beginning of the publication we have learned that each issue has become a collectors' piece, each containing favorite poetry and articles, which are shared time and time again. Which will keep your advertisement as a constant reminder to all readers. In addition to great cowboy poetry submitted from all across our country, there are regular Feature's such as, Featured Cowboy Poet, Featured Artist, Working Cowboy, Book and Tape Reviews, Special Articles of Interest (saddle makers, bit and spur makers, hitched horsehair, etc.)  Coming Events, Dr. Tim E.G.., Letters to the Editor, and reports on the gatherings around the country entitled Gatherings of Poets.

Most of our readers tell us that they read the magazine cover to cover. And then they do it over and over. These readers value the entertainment and the services provided by our advertisers.

Welcome to our outfit, we look forward to the opportunity and privilege to serve you. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to ask our friendly sales representatives or call me direct by E-Mail

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